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Fidlecoin is a decentralized digital currency that’s based on blockchain technology, a better & more efficient payment, and reward alternative on the Fidle Social Network. Users and investors can easily use Fidle Token to pay for tangible products and services

FIDLECOIN is the official token of the Fidle platform, a digital token that is totally tradeable on global exchanges can also be exchanged for digital and physical goods and services on the Fidle platform.

Fidlecoin can be stored in a digital wallet, traded, swapped, exchanged and fully decentralized.
This is the NO CENSORSHIP platform of the world; totally decentralized and open.

Each post, comment, like or multimedia content has an equal opportunity on the Fidle network to be converted into an NFT(Non Fungible Token) and exchanged for Fidlecoin, seamlessly and in real time.

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